Site Evaluation
– Design of facility to meet individual requirements (e.g.: greenhouse or indoor).
– Choose a growing system (e.g: soil or hydroponics).
– Choose a strain/strains best suited to the client’s needs.
Environmental Testing
When it comes to productivity, prime environmental conditions equal maximum productivity. Regular environmental testing ensures a consistent, quality product that consumers can rely on to be properly labelled by strain and potency. At Dun Rite, we offer all-inclusive testing of your facility to ensure maximum yields and consistent quality.
Light Testing
Light intensity is critical in order to achieve maximum yield with consistent quality. All supplemental lighting degrades over time, so regular testing and replacement are required for maximum productivity. Due to the fact that the lifespan, light intensity, power consumption and price of an individual product varies so widely, the right lighting system choice for your facility is very important.
Soil Testing
It doesn’t matter if the growing medium is soil or soilless (e.g. hydroponics), regular testing is required for maximum productivity. At Dun Rite, our soil testing procedures include but are not limited to:
– pH testing: if the pH is not properly balanced, several important nutrients are made unavailable to the crop and results in poor yields.
– Porosity testing: cannabis requires large amounts of water to thrive but doesn’t do well when the oxygen level in the root zone becomes depleted. This can be carried by too heavy of soil or lack of aeration to the nutrient solution. Without proper porosity/aeration, crops will become stunted, resulting in smaller yields.
Water and Nutrient Testing
Due to the high water requirements of cannabis, it’s very important to conduct regular testing of the water supply and nutrient solution. The wrong pH can be detrimental to the quantity and quality of the crop.
Nutrient solutions vary with the choice of growing system. There is a significant difference between a traditional system using soil vs. hydroponics. A regular testing program of nutrient solutions allows detection of deficiencies before they can affect your crop. The perfect nutrient solution results in higher yields and a more aesthetically pleasing end product.
Air Quality Testing
Air quality is of the utmost importance when growing in an indoor environment. As of 2018, the ambient CO2 levels were measured at approximately 400 ppm (parts per million) globally. When growing in an enclosed environment, the crop can significantly decrease CO2 levels to the point where it is detrimental to plant growth resulting in smaller yields of a poor quality product. Regular air quality testing can determine if CO2 injection system is required.
Pest and Mold Control
Cannabis can be subjected to infestations of several insect pests. Early detection and control are critical to avoid decreases in yields as well as quality.
Botrytis (mold) can be an issue with growing in an indoor environment if the proper airflow and temperatures are not maintained.
At Dun Rite, we offer a comprehensive solution for detection, control and eradication of pests and mold to maximize your yields:
– ID harmful pests and insects.
– Offer a comprehensive solution for control and eradication.
– ID mold and offer solutions for control and prevention.
Product Testing
THC and CBD content is critical for your clients to make the proper choice when choosing a product that best suits their individual requirements (e.g.: medical or recreational). Some medicinal users don’t want high THC levels. At Dun Rite, we offer THC and CBD testing as well as testing for pesticide residues. Testing your end product ensures proper labelling for consumers so you can offer quality and consistency in your product.
– THC content: potency testing that enables clients to choose a strain that best suits the particular needs of the individual.
– CBD content: determines the number of health benefits in a particular strain.
– Pests and pesticide residue: important information for the health and safety of clients.

At Dun Rite, our goal is to ensure maximum yield of a quality product.